Our Story

FRONTFOOT is the first positive step for veterans looking to transition from military to civilian life. This time can be challenging and we are here to support you through the whole journey.

We provide careers for veterans and their families to start a new life; the right way; with the right support; for the right employers.

Any service person, veteran or family member can sign up to join FRONTFOOT and once this is complete you will have instant access to e-learning and mental health support materials to help you start planning for the future.

To help veterans and their families achieve their goals, we ask them to sign up and engage with us, up to 4 years prior to leaving. 

Don't leave your future to chance. 


Non-Exec Director

Ken joined the Royal Marines in July 1999 and successfully completed the most arduous infantry in the UK, ready to serve as a Royal Marines Commando. He served in major units in 3 Commando Brigade and NATO HQ Brunssum. He has been deployed on exercises and operations in some of the most inhospitable countries and over a career spanning 22 years in various positions he progressed through the ranks from Marine, culminating as a Sergeant Major (WO2). As a Sgt Maj, which Ken found an extremely rewarding rank, he was given opportunities to help guide others on their careers, personal lives and looking after their welfare and professionally development to be the best soldiers/sailors they could be.

Growing up in Botswana and schooling in South Africa, Ken met Tim. They shared some incredible journeys growing up but unfortunately, life got in the way and they grew apart, but after 27 years they re-connected through FrontFoot.

Ken lives on the West Coast of Scotland with his family and enjoys open water swimming and ultra marathons.

Non-Exec Directors

Entrepreneurial husband and wife team, with over 25 years each of global IT/SAP/Cyber security recruitment. Mostly worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies but also have a lot of experience working with smaller, niche companies..

Used to dealing with multicultural C-level decision makers across the world for project tenders & bids of large multi-million USD/GBP/EURO projects in multiple locations and languages. They are always small enough to care and large enough to cope.

In the past two years they have moved their efforts into M&A and have managed to acquire a company in the security field.  Their key attributes are adaptability to any given situation along with problem solving, communicating and negotiating at any level.

Non-Exec Director

Bonita is a dynamic and highly skilled PTSD trauma recovery therapist, coach and trainer who helps clients move from anxious to empowered.

In her practice, Future-edge Therapy, she specialises in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, anxiety and stress management, fears, phobias, lack of confidence and resilience using the ‘Integrated Trauma System’ developed from her previous teaching career, her knowledge of neuroscience, skills gained through working with clients and from her own experiences. Bonita also supports corporate business with specialist mental health therapy, programs and training.

Bonita is dedicated to helping people. They come to work with her when they feel overwhelmed and out of control due to significant past experiences and trauma. Bonita provides the tools needed to empower her clients to recognise and manage their own trauma and anxiety never letting either win.

In her spare time Bonita loves walking her border terrier Tebi, drinking anything containing bubbles and planning new and exciting outdoor adventures with her wife. Bonita is also a volunteer for Bedfordshire Police delivering therapy, anxiety and stress management training and talks on a monthly basis.

Programme Director

Dan has grown training functions starting his career working at Buckingham Palace for Royal Collection Enterprises. Until recently he worked for a local company where he integrated both performance related and personal development learning through bespoke qualifications and assessment.

As well as designing qualifications, he enjoys delivering courses and watching people develop.  ‘I have a very interactive approach to learning and I like to ensure that my training sessions are engaging, interactive and fun – no matter what the subject is’.

Outside of work, Dan has two children and wife who confesses he is the third!  He is also a keen runner and run a few marathons.