Managing Teams


During these challenging times, managers and leaders need to find ways to keep their teams alive.  This one-hour webinar, will allow you think about other ways in which you can manage your team effectively in modern environment.  

Course Content  

This course will cover the understanding that there are three important ingredients to making remote work successful: team, tools, and process. 


In this section we will look at the importance of hiring, trusting and understanding the people you manage with a focus on hiring doers, people you can trust, trusting those you have hired.  Ensuring those people are OK without a social workspace. 


In this section we will also look at an array of online systems that can be used to manage people effectively and unobtrusively. 


In this section , we will take a look at process. I know most people don't like to think about process, and process might feel boring and rigid. But if you think of process as "how we work," it starts to feel more powerful.  

Lastly, we will look at the best practices to take when managing a remote team.