What we do

FRONTFOOT is here to help your business grow, by introducing you to candidates who have served in the military for a number of years. As an Employer, the process is jargon free, secure and instant and the best bit is you only need a few pieces of information to set up your business account.

As well as giving you access to those who are actively leaving military life, we are also able to sign post you to veterans or family members who have signed up looking for work. FRONTFOOT also has a full training suite which enables the military personnel to train ready for your business. The military personnel, with your support, has instant access to an array of e-learning and support materials to help them start planning for a future in your company.

A lot of the people who are leaving the military already have an array of skills but need help transitioning into a civilian life. To help with this we offer a Transition Partner who is with your new employee every step of the way.

We Will Find You Great Staff.
We Will Help Your Business Grow.
We Will Train Your New Staff.
We Will Support Them with You.


Our Charter

Working Together


FrontFoot has it’s own learning and development team and we are committed to ensuring all candidates have a full transition from the military world into the civilian world.  We will help support, train and develop candidates to ensure you get the most out of your new employee delivering a smooth transition.

The learning and development provided, is through face-to-face, blended, online and remote learning, that is applicable to each individual after a skills analysis has been completed.


FRONTFOOT works with a growing portfolio of corporate clients who are currently taking ex-military personnel into their businesses.